Change everything so that nothing changes

Welcome to GatoPardo. Sibylline, elegant, exquisite, enigmatic and capricious. An Italian suitable for those who define themselves with a fine nose and like to enjoy a good meal. If we want everything to remain as it is, it is necessary that everything changes.

A good Italian pasta restaurant in the city

Open to new flavors, but always faithful to the mamma d'Italia. A sibylline journey that offers dishes such as parpadelle with osso buco, black tagliatelle with octopus ragout or a classic risotto.

Main hall

The large window floods the space with natural light, offering our diners an intimate, close and familiar atmosphere.

Private Room

An ideal space for the best evenings. The upper part of GatoPardo invites to feel the space from the heights.
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Som is ico

Focus on product, quality and service

Based on the Italian culture of enjoyment, GatoPardo is a space dressed in its best clothes and with a lot of affection.

Address and hours

Monday 12 to 17 / 19 to 00

Tuesday 12 to 17 / 19 to 00

Wednesday 12 to 17 / 19 to 00

Thursday 12 to 17 / 19 to 00

Friday 12 to 17 / 19 to 1

Saturday 12 to 17 / 19 to 1

Sunday 12 to 1 / 19 to 00